Pizza Tasting & Walking Tour in Rome

Pizza Tasting & Walking Tour in Rome

The Pizza Tasting & Walking Tour in Rome is a small group walk through "Old Rome" to learn about its history and particularly its PIZZA!

Rich in historical monuments and churches, the Roman district of Rione Monti is where your tour will be centered. It can easily be considered the prettiest, most characteristic and off the beaten track district of town. It is a hidden gem standing between Venice Square, The Forums and the Colosseum.

Enjoy an amazing medieval setting as you meander through a maze of lanes and alleys with many small family-run shops, restaurants and bars to explore. You'll really enjoy the neighborhood, still frequented by locals, and discover the culture of this traditional area.

You will be guided step-by-step through this ancient district, through little alleys still spotted by ancient medieval towers. See the authentic parts of Rome and enjoy the flavor of the authentic pizza with its many different ingredients, shapes and styles of baking. And, your enjoyment of the pizza is accompanied by typical Italian soft drinks you probably have never heard about.

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approximately 3 hours


10:15 am - Monday, Wednesday & Saturday (November through March)
10:15 am - Monday through Saturday (April through October)
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Tour Details

The first stop is a bakery more than one hundred years old. There, you will be introduced to the PIZZA ALLA TEGLIA, cooked in a special baking tin. At this very charming retro-style bakery, you will also learn about the three different ways of making Italian pizza and their relation with history.

The next stop is in a local Deli (or Gastronomia as a local would name it). Your eyes will smile as you see all the delicious food that surrounds you. Here you will experience the taste of different pizza topping ingredients for the various kinds of pizza (margherita, capricciosa, etc.) and also learn which toppings to add while the pizza is cooking and what's best to add afterward. This is also the right time to sample the original Italian soft drink called CHINOTTO, which made its debut in 1932.

After the Deli stop, you will visit the heart of the Monti District where your guide will share information and anecdotes about this area, famous for "her majesty the Flavian Amphitheatre" - also known as the Colosseum.

On to another local "Forno," a bread and pizza bakery, to discover the taste of sliced PIZZA ALLA PALA, cooked on oven flint rock rather than a tin.

On the way to a neighboring site, you will stop for a popular drink that Italians love to sip before lunch or dinner - a characteristic "aperitivo" in a family run shop.

Then, a 3 minute walk will magically lead the tour group into the most famous and largest Marian Basilica of Italy - Santa Maria Maggiore. Completed in 440 AD, the Basilica is owned by the Holy See and enjoys extraterritorial status similar to that of foreign embassies. It is here that Pope Francesco celebrated his first Papal mass. At the Basilica is the tomb of one of the most important Italian Artists, Gianlorenzo Bernini...and of Paoline Bonaparte, the sister of Napoleon.

This enjoyable walk moves onward to where you may sit and stretch your legs in a wood oven pizzeria. Here you can relax and enjoy the art of making a round pizza, watching the pizzaiolo (the pizza man) create his pizza masterpiece, and the adults may refresh themselves with a local beer.

72 Hours Minimum Advance Booking Required. Minimum 2 persons per order. Maximum 10 persons per tour. Hotel pick-up not included. Rates are per person in US Dollars. Please order online or call 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

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